2015 Climate Change Consciousness Week

2015 CCC Week Day 2 (2)

Participants at the 2015 CCC Week

MANILA | November 19-25 – Every nation has a role as much as there is not a single way to fight climate change. The diversity of solutions available to us in addressing the risks and challenges associated with climate change provides an opportunity for everyone—scientists, policy makers, local decision makers, businesses, the youth, and civil society, to contribute to the realization of a low-carbon, resilient and adapted economies and society.

Building on the Philippines’ participation in the COP 21 Negotiations in Paris in December 2015, the Climate Change Commission held its celebration of the National Climate Change Consciousness Ween on November 19-25 with the theme, “Multiple Pathways, One Direction”.

Against the backdrop of the Road to Paris campaign’s mission, the CCC Week brought together stakeholders, who were all working to achieve the same goals of helping inform multi-stakeholder discussions about climate change and stimulating local actions in providing innovative solutions to ensure that the country is able to meet the global climate challenge. The CCC Week became the platform to get all sectors involved in supporting the global deal during COP21 in Paris.

The Climate Change Consciousness Week is being celebrated annually pursuant to Proclamation No. 1667, dated November 18, 2008. The Proclamation aims to create awareness on global warming and climate change by pursuing broad and intensive public information and educational campaign to secure the collective cooperation of private and public sectors at all levels in finding solutions to this concern.


The seven-day celebration featured the multiple pathways combining climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies and innovative solutions that cut across sectors and systems that are undertaken by individuals and communities. The different activities during the celebration offered a broad base for coming up with bold actions and smart decisions to solve the challenge of climate change while taking stock of local knowledge, using different tools according to local contexts, and building on the lessons learned from successful efforts from local governments, private sector and civil society to develop mitigation and adaptation strategies.

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